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Write Support

4.7GB DVD-RAM 22.16Mbps (max)

2.6GB DVD-RAM 11.08Mbps (max)

4.7GB DVD-R 11.08Mbps (max)

Read Support

CD-DA, CD-ROM/XA, Photo CD, Video CD,

CD-Extra CD-R, CD-RW at max 24x

DVD-ROM, DVD-R at max 6x

DVD-RAM (4.7GB at 2x, 2.6GB at 1x)

Write Speed

4.7GB DVD-RAM 1385KB with verifying

2.6GB DVD-RAM 690KB with verifying

4.7GB DVD-R 1385KB without verifying

Read Speed

DVD-RAM (4.7GB): 2770KBps (2x)

DVD-RAM (2.6GB): 1385KBps (1x)

DVD-ROM: 8310KBps (6x)

CD-ROM/CD-R: 3600KBps (24x)

CD-RW: 1800KBps (12x)

Average Seek Time DVD-RAM: 75ms, DVD-ROM/R, CD-ROM: 65ms

Interface ATAPI

Buffer Capacity 1MB

Data Transfer Rate (IF interface): Ultra DMA Mode 3: max 66.6MB/s; PIO Mode 4: max 16.6MB/s

Dimensions (W x H x D): 146 x 41.3 x 196mm; 5.75" x 1.63" x 7.72"

Weight: 1.1kg (2.4lbs.)

Power Supply: 12V/5V, ± 5%

Our Test Machines Specs:

Pentium 4 1.5GHz (not overclocked)




2 x IBM GXP75 30GB (not in RAID mode)


Panasonic is the only other company with an affordable alternative to challenge Pioneer's A03 that can write to the widely compatible DVD-R disks. DVD-R disks can be used on most standalone players, DVD consoles and on PC DVD-ROM drives -- as long as the hardware can cope with the reduced reflectivity of the disks.

Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. (Panasonic as its better known) is no newcomer to optical disks - they have been researching and developing optical discs since 1973. Matsushita, like Pioneer is also a member of the DVD forum that is backing the DVD-R format as opposed to the competing DVD+RW format with this combined DVD-RAM/DVD-R drive.

OK now on to the review...

What the package includes

The package contains:

1 x Panasonic LF-D311 DVD Burner
1 x 4.7GB DVD-Recordable Media (TDK Brand)
1 x 4.7GB DVD-RAM (Single Sided Media)
1 x 2.6GB DVD-RAM Media (Limited Offer Only)
1 x DVDit! Software
1 x Driver Software
1 x PowerVCRII Software
1 x Instruction Manual
1 x IDE Cable
1 x Packet Mounting Screws (4)
1 x PrimoDVD Software
1 x PowerDVD 3.0 Software

Our review sample is a standard European retail package. (The 2.6GB RAM disk above is a limited offer.) The drive also comes with a 40-pin IDE cable and mounting screws which are not shown above.

The front of the drive is quite basic with a big DVD- RAM/R logo, an emergency eject hole and an LED that turns green when a disk is inserted in the drive and orange when the disk is accessed or written to.

At back of the drive you will find the usual connectors: jumpers for making the drive a master/slave, digital output connector, the IDE connector and a power supply connector. Unlike the Pioneer, this drive has no external fan for cooling.

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